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Lawn Care

We offer Mowing and Lawn Care Treatments for the Spring, Summer and Fall. Including trimming and edging and cleaning.

Sod Installation

We will create a new a new lush lawn by improving areas of your existing one or starting over with a new one.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

We offer Spring and Fall Cleanups, including trimming, removing debris from mulch beds and turf and more!

Leaf Removal

We offer 2 types of services: Intermittent Leaf Removal and Final Leaf Removal.

Landscape Design

Our design starts with an initial consultation and on-site analysis.

Core Aeration

Our services include Core Aeration, Lime, Seed and Dethatch.


Why Choose Us

Let us save you Time and Money!
J&M Landscaping creates beautifully designed landscapes and well-manicured lawns that make a wonderful impression and protect the investment you’ve made in your home.
Excellent Service

We personalize your landscape design to complement your home’s architecture. We will work with you to create the perfect landscape that suits your particular needs and tastes, and help maintain it after.

Safety & Security

We are a firm believer in safety and security. Our crews are required to wear uniforms daily. When working with machinery, safety gear is also required to be worn. We only allow licensed individuals to apply chemicals. We are fully insured.


We take pride in offering a complete job to give you the highest quality of landscaping and lawn care services.  Available 24 hours a day and provide snow removal in the winter.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff stays current with industry developments by attending training sessions on turf, shrub, and flower care.  We are able to evaluate the dynamics of your yard and design with plants that will be most hearty.  Our Practices and Procedures will give you a Superior-Looking Lawn.

We are committed to giving you the highest level of quality landscaping and lawn care services. We accommodate both Residential and Commercial customers.